Make a Raspberry Pi Kiosk using JIGMOD

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It is SUPER easy to make a Raspberry Pi Kiosk using JIGMOD! Let's talk a little bit about Raspberry Pi Kiosks!

What is a Raspberry Pi Kiosk?

A Raspberry Pi Kiosk is a kiosk setup with a computer monitor / HDMI television with or without a touch interface. The Kiosk can also include other user interfaces such as keyboard and/or mouse. The kiosks are useful in commercial spaces, cafeterias, check-outs, shared spaces such as startups and lobbies, information centers and other public spaces.


How can I use JIGMOD to make a Raspberry Pi Kiosk?

1. Use a JIGMOD Platform to securely mount your Raspberry Pi. Don't forget the Raspberry Pi Adapter!

2. Prefer not to use a keyboard or mouse? Use a Nav-Wheel JIGMOD or a Thumbstick JIGMOD instead! Keep the USB ports open so that your keyboard and mouse are reserved for admin-only access :)

3. Equip your kiosk with a power switch using the Power Switch JIGMOD

4. Looking for an inexpensive way to incorporate robust audio on your kiosk? Use a Speaker JIGMOD!

5. Are you looking to wire up sensors or power to your kiosk? Use a Terminal Block JIGMOD and connect a variety of wired devices!

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